Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ted Kennedy

Listened with interest to the wake last night for Senator Kennedy, and to the funeral today.

I loved hearing the laughter and rememberances mixed with the sorrow and loss.

It was good to hear many share how much the last 14 months meant- good to hear that they were able to share stories and memories, make new memories- to say good-bye and to honor what he had been in each of their lives.

One thing struck me as the battle over health care wages on....

Ted Kennedy was passionate that all should receive "health care as a right - not a priviledge"
One great equalizer is end of life.
Whatever decisions were made about his treatment at end of life, it seems apparent their focus was that he should live well in his remaining months..... that the focus was family, friends, love, laughter and his work.
Those choices are available to all of us- whatever our economic rung. I have seen it over and over with our hospice families- no matter what their "status"
People who choose hospice seem to be making a very conscious decision that they are choosing to live well in their remaining time.

I hope that as our senate returns to it's work that they will remember and choose to honor the choices that were made in the final days of their lost compatriot.

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