Sunday, August 23, 2009

rainy mornings

There is something so soothing about a rainy morning - especially if one has a little time to enjoy the quiet.
Sitting on my closed in porch, paper unopened beside me- watching the world wake up..... Seeing the raindrops play in the puddles, hearing the gentle downpour, the occasional slush of a car going by.
Never seems as if there are enough of these times-- just to enjoy what is.
So often caught up in a frentic rush to be somewhere else- my mind in the future- or in the past...
Today is Dan's 48th birthday. A huge bucket of tomoatoes sit on the table, waiting to become his favorite pasta toss.
School will start this week, and our lives will shift again.
Think I'll start the sauce before I head to church....
Seems like a good day to savor..... the rich scents and the noisy sounds.
Seems like a good day....

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