Monday, August 24, 2009

An Other World

"I see an other world"

I thought about those words as I drove through the country side today. The clouds hung heavy in a blue sky. Round bales of hay dotted the green hills The air was fragrant. Flowers merrily decorated country homes. Horses and cows grazed. Fall is in the air- a perfect day.

I heard those words years ago, from the lips of a frail, elderly woman who clutched my hand tightly. The blue eyes captured mine.

I asked the obvious question- what do you see?

"I tell Jim (her husband- deceased for some years) that they are here. My mother, my sisters. Every time I close my eyes, I see them. When I open my eyes- they are gone"

A common experience, I've found, of the dying- no matter what their faith backround.

It comforted me, as it always does, to think that someone meets us- to think that we do not walk that path alone.

I shared that thought aloud- think how much they must love you- to come meet you and take you home.

The blue eyes softened, the grip relaxed. She considered this idea- maybe she wasn't crazy after all...

We sat for a bit, hands linked, silently contemplating our own stories.

"What's it like", I wondered aloud "that other world"

Smiling now, she answered me drowsily "it's alot like this one"

On a day like today- I hope that she was right.

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