Friday, February 6, 2009


well, a day of wallowing followed by a night of actually sleeping - and this morning I feel better
maybe sometimes you just have to wallow in it for awhile

a good friend sent me a card once that said "sometimes in life, it just is what it is" That was the favorite saying of one of our favorite patients...... "it is what it is"

It was a week ago today that Dan was diagnosed. A week. Isn't time funny- I would swear it's been a hundred years

I read another blog last night just before sleeping "Miles" is the blogname. If you think of blogging as condo living, it was written by my neighbor (follower) to the right. I figure the blogs I follow are the people down the street! anyway- he was writing about bells and mindfulness....

I dreamed last night of the little white church down the road from the little country house I lived in when I was single. The bells would peal out every hour (I think- maybe it was more often) but I can remember swinging on my porch swing, listening to the sound drift softly over the hills and feeling so peaceful. It is a good reminder to me to be mindful today- to listen- to remember- to get still.

It is a good reminder to find some joy in this journey..... That's how this year started- with the idea of looking for joy. God must have known what was coming (!) and reminded me early to look for the joy along the way....

BTW- I found the checkbook. It was in Cleveland. In a coat pocket.... We had a good laugh. It helped.

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