Sunday, September 13, 2009


Just trying to find some space in a very busy week

Haven't had much time for blogging- or even thinking about blogging.

Did receive an interesting CD from a friend this week. She heard Wm P Young (the author of "The Shack") speak and sent the CD from that session on to me. Yes- if you live anywhere close to me I'll be passing it on!

I've listened to it a couple times now- finding it absolutely fascinating.... He speaks of living just in the moment- looking for the places God is blessing and joining Him there- of the absolute importance of walking- not running- in the direction that you feel you are being led.

I think it is the last point that I have been pondering on the most. So many times, if I sense God moving in a particular direction, I am tempted to run ahead- to push.... Grace, he says, is given each day- for today. Stay connected. Be willing to stop and wait. Be willing to stop....

He says that when he learned to live in the present- without the imaginings of what the future might hold- he found JOY... and it came to stay...

I'll be listening to it again tomorrow while driving.... and I hope that what he says sinks in deep....

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