Friday, January 15, 2010


Just read Jody Hedlund's excellent post "What is keeping you from writing?"

Have been loving reading blogs about writing- I find that these writers/authors keep me thinking- teach me something every day.

Here is the thing I find about writing: it changes how I live my life. It gives me something to be absorbed in, something that is not dependent upon others, something that makes me sit up and pay attention- and something that allows me to privately withdraw to my own little world, even in the midst of a crowd.

There was alot of discussion in our writing group this week about goal setting- what do we want to accomplish in 2010 (-doesn't 2010 have a nice ring to it?)
There was a fair amount of discouragement among us... things not falling into place as rapidly as one might have hoped.

Jody helps me realize- again- that the process must be as important as the "product". There is something about getting in the button chair (butt in the chair) that is honored. Doing our part must allow God to do His...

One of my fascinations with the world of hospice is noticing when those who have lived well. It try to carry their lessons with me. Writing, I believe, helps me do that.

Does writing change the way you live your life?

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  1. Definitely, it changes my world. My days revolve around writing- either writing on the book under contract, or editing for other writers, or writing blog posts, or doing something that relates to writing.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Hi Sally! Thanks for mentioning me in your post today! I'm glad I motivated you a little bit, or at the very least gave you something more to think about!! I love all of the wisdom I learn from other writers too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Helen and Jody- I have so much fun reading your blogs- like discovering a whole, new, fascinating world

    have a great weekend

  4. I loved Jody's post too. Writing does not change the way I live my life yet, but when my kids are older it may. :-)

  5. I love Jody, Helen and Sally's posts! I am one of the discouraged writers from Sally's writing group! So ladies if you encourage Sally you in turn are encouraging me!
    Thanks all of you!

  6. "Does writing change the way you live your life?"

    Yes. Writing makes me pay attention. It makes me live in the NOW, not in the past or the future.

    Painting does the same thing.

  7. Shannon- enjoy these days- they go so fast. Your blog encourages us all.

    Right Becki?!

    Kate- it's so worthwhile, isn't it? Anything that keeps us present and living in the NOW..