Friday, January 1, 2010


We attended silent communion last night.

Of all New Year's tradition- this is my favorite.
There is just something about it that seems to set things right.

We enter our church and sit quietly. Others are sitting in pews, but there is no music, no talking, no laughter. Sitting in the pew, you can be as alone with God as you chose to be.
It is a time for reflection, for confession, for thanksgiving, for petition. It is a time that always, in some way seems to set the tone for the year ahead.

When we left the church, I chose to walk home. Lately I have been learning a great deal about the benefit of solitude- even in the midst of a crowd. I was so glad I choose to have a few quiet moments, just myself and the darkness. The cold air on my face. The muffled footsteps. The big dark sky, the moon peeking from behind clouds.

The lights in my window felt like a beacon, welcoming me home.

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful "service." We're bombarded constantly with sound, voices, and other opinions. Quiet can be its own communion.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Benefits of solitude are vast. One important measure of solitude, I believe, is the rebirth of our hearts, souls and minds after we have allowed life to beat us down.

  3. have been rereading "Celebration of Discipine" (Richard Foster) Love what he says about being able to find solitude even in the midst of a crowd..

    love the idea of the rebirth of our hearts,souls, minds... and that quiet can be it's own communion..

    thank you...

  4. I love the idea of being in church, but with the peace of silence all around you. That would be beautiful - no wonder you love it so much.

    Thank you for visiting me at Book Dreaming. I look forward to getting to know you! :-)

  5. nothing better than a blog called Book Dreaming and a hot cup of tea... I could spend all day there!