Sunday, January 31, 2010

Caring Bridge

Anniversaries. A year ago on this date my husband was lying in a hospital bed. We had just been told that he has leukemia and he was being transferred to Cleveland Clinic.

It's a funny thing about these types of anniversaries. It is almost as if your body has a built in signal. My wedding anniversary I might forget- but on this weekend- one year later- my membranes recall the fear.

I won't go on and on here- I have to get my family up and out the door to church, Dan included. He continues his treatment, is doing well and we are very thankful.

Let me just say 2 things. 1) Looking back- it was a year in which we were blessed over and over and over I still cannot believe the way we were loved and cared for. 2) If you find yourself in any similar circumstances- consider (for us )

Finding a way to stay connected, to feel the prayers got us through this last year. Remember -

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  1. For some reason those difficult dates tend to really stick in our hearts and memories, don't they? I'm so relieved to hear that your husband is still responding to treatment!