Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lovely, dark and deep

The woods are lovely.. dark and deep... but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep...

Loosely quoted- I hope I'm close- but those were the words that rang through my head as I forced myself to leave the woods.

It was almost dusk when the dogs and I finally arrived last night- and as soon as we arrived I regretted that we had not come out earlier. Once there, with the trees standing out against a backround of white- I felt that I never wanted to leave- wished that I could walk forever in the silence. So beautiful... so still....

So many things in our lives push at us. So many things pull us away from our center.
I am grateful for the moments that I find in my life for silence. Somehow- those moments expand in my memory- giving my mind a place to go back to.

Is there a place where you find rest?

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  1. I find rest watching the sunset every day. I find peace in my studio painting or in my kitchen cooking--they're the same thing in many ways.

  2. God's creation always gives me rest- although..Kate, if I had anything in my kitchen as beautiful as those scallops- I'd be spending a lot more time there...

  3. Sally, what a lovely post. I find my peace on my farm. Frolicking with the horses, feeding the chickens or other assorted animals. And just sitting in the barn listening to the noises. Oh it is heaven. Or at least as close as I can be to heaven until I am with Jesus. :-)

  4. ummmm... Robyn, your comment makes me long for the days of sitting int he barn- or those quiet quiet nights in the country.... Such a peaceful thought...thanks