Monday, January 26, 2009


Well, I found a bit of fun- or maybe it found me

My son, Nate, wandered into my office on Sunday night with a bit of a bemused expression. "mom" (tentatively) "remember that fairy tale I was supposed to write? Well....." There was nothing else for me to do but put my fingers to the keyboard and begin to take dictation. "A Not So Ordinary Fairy Tale" was born. He created Sir Edwin, the ugly knight- and wicked Queen Pelosi (you can infer whatever you like from that) and the laughter began. My older son, Alex came to see what all the noise was about- and by the time Pretty Princess Patricia was hit on the noggin and fell into a prolonged persistent vegetative state, and Edwin was sobbing to find that his true love was now a carrot..... we were rolling on the floor. I worried aloud that this particular piece of homework might receive a Fminus and but Nate calmly tucked it in his binder and declared it didn't matter- "cos we have a family that laughs alot"

I wasn't so sure about this blogging to begin with- but let me tell you- I would have let that moment pass me by if it were not for this blog. If I had not been writing notes about looking for fun and finding some joy.... It still would have happened, but it would not have remained in my memory as it has now. I think this blog is helping me, perhaps, to become a little more intentional and to Finally live in the moment.

I noticed the same thing yesterday. I drove a hundred or so miles for 2 appointments. Normally I would have completed one, then curled up in the car with some fast food while waiting for the second. Yesterday though, I was determined to have some Fun despite (or because of?) my circumstances. There I was in the quaintest of small towns. I drove determinedly until I found a Mayberry diner, then I lingered and watched the locals. People watching is one of my favorite occupations, but I rarely remember it anymore. I created stories about each of them, and ruminated for a bit about how it would feel to be a waitress there- and I had a blast.... I came home relaxed and happy instead of snarly and tired- and I would like to thank you, the blogging community for that!

so- here's to fun in a cold Ohio January- and here's to more fun in the months to come...

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  1. ha! You should bring it to our next writing group, we could use a good giggle.