Sunday, January 25, 2009

dogs and things

what does the dysplexic/agnostic do all day?

sits and tries to figure out if there really is a dog.....

old joke- sorry!
but it came to my mind today, when I Finally got my picture attached to my blog.
Quite a feat for a computer inept 50 y/o
I had to call upon one of my favorite teenagers-opps, sorry! young adult- for assistance. Samantha is one of my favorite people and always has a bit of insight that leaves me with something to think about.

We posted the picture of Emma and I today (it took her <5minutes) and chatted a bit. Sam said that she has a very logical mind (she does) and it always seems to her that the spelling of the words dog and God indicate to her that one is a reflection of the other....
I've been pondering on that ever since- and it seems to me that she made a great point. Always loving, no matter what my faults- always patient- always kind- always ready to protect me- one who loves me unconditionally..... perhaps a dog does reflect some of those traits far better than a human.....

We had such a great message at New Pointe Community Church today- about having FUN of all things- and as this was my one resolution for the year, I sat with my ears wide open. A couple things Dave said have really stuck with me- that Joy is an experience of God's constant presence in our lives- that acknowledging His constant presence is a way to Joy- that comparisons (comparing people) can rob us of joy....

Between the 2 things, I am thinking that I need to continue to explore who God really is....

I remember a day quite a few years ago when we sat in a team meeting and talked about a patient with pain that was out of control. He was one of my favorite people- and when the meeting was over I followed our hospice pastor to the parking lot, asking what else he thought we could do for this man. I have never forgotten the wise words he gave me that day. "He doesn't know how much God loves him Sally. If you can give him anything try to show him how much God loves him"

I have never forgotten that day or those words. I'm thinking it is something I need to learn myself.


  1. I love the picture! SOrry I couldn't help you last week, but now that I think about it you didn't bring the chip...
    I agree about Dave's message. I already had a message ready that I was going to share last night, and after hearing Dave's message, I know that is what I would have shared, if it hadn't been cancelled. Oh well. I'll use it when we reschedule

  2. Hey Sally. Our entire family is praying for you, Dan, Alex and Nate. Know we're all here for you! I called Taryn and told her too. Love you. Anne.