Saturday, February 27, 2010

wondering about writing

I'm spending alot of time these days wondering what the process of writing does in our day to day. Because I am a hospice nurse, I wonder especially if writing helps to bring us through grief and loss differently.

I followed the poignant musings of Karen (karen....following the whispers) as she cared for her mother in law during her final illness. In (confessions of a writing mama), there was a burst- a sudden outpouring- expressing grief for the loss of her mother quite some years ago. I'm reading a book by Paul Stutzman (Hiking Through) in which he describes his journey across the Appalachian Trail - accompanied by his constant companion -grief- and how the trail brought peace and healing into his life.

I heard Paul speak the other night, and asked when he decided to write the book. He knew, he said, before he set foot on the trail that he would be writing about it, so journaled along the way. I wonder if he would have had the same experience if writing had not kept him so mindful.

The very act of writing makes us mindful. Gillie Bolton (author of several wonderful books about writing and writing workshops) reminds us that writing tells us "things we didn't know we knew"

I suspect that those who write are healthier for it. I know that I am different when I write.

What do you think?

and btw- I am also wondering how to link to someone elses blog when I mention it here. Everyone else seems to be able to have those lovely blue letters appear!

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  1. I know that the little burst I wrote a few days ago helped me incredibly. It had been eating away at me and I kept pushing it down. Instead of just crying, I got up and typed out exactly what I was feeling. It's the first time I've done that in over ten years, and it was so freeing.

    To link a blog: go to that person's blog and copy the url. Go back to the post you're writing, highlight the person's blog and hit LINK. Then you can paste the url and it'll automatically link to that person's blog. Let me know if I didn't explain this well enough:)

  2. it does feel freeing.... something about just getting whatever it is OUT of you and onto a piece of paper....

    thanks! I will practice! and see if I can master the linking (that sounds like a sci fi movie :) )

  3. In the times when I have been depressed or troubled I find myself to have been much more prolific with creative writing, journaling, and writing other things. It seems to help me sort out my feelings better and gain a greater understanding about what I am experiencing. When I am very happy I am usually too busy to be introspective and find time to write.
    I write more these days not due to any downness, but for a sense of duty to being a writer.

    Lisa explained your question well so you should probably be able to follow that. But if you didn't understand what Lisa was saying, you might check out some of the Google help articles. When I was learning about blogging, the Google help links were pretty good in explaining how to do things.

  4. You already know how I feel! Sometimes that is my only outlet for grieving.

  5. I sooooo respect your profession. My mom recently passed away and the services from our Hospice program was wonderful. I can see where doing it every day would be depressing...blogging definitely helps me with my stress, and I can see it helping with grief.

    Lindsey Petersen

  6. It is so interesting how writing helps us through... and how our grief and stress lead us to become more prolific (love that word Lee!)

    Taking our pain and using it to bless others who have helped us through....???

    Thank you Lindsey... I'm sorry about the loss of your mom.... some days working for hospice is depressing- but we get to see the very best in people- the way they love and take care of each other... we get to hear a lot of great stories and rememberances...