Monday, February 22, 2010


I stopped at the pharmacy today to pick up my husbands prescription

I handed the pharmacy tech a check for $2552.72 (yes- you read that correctly) She handed me the medication. I asked for a receit. "I'm sorry, I can't give you a receit" she responded. "It would be" (are you ready for this?) "a violation of HIPPA"

She went on to explain to sweetly explain to me that my Husband was welcome to drive to the pharmacy- and they could give Him a receit for the medication that I had just paid for and was holding in my hand. To give me said receit apparently would be a violation of his privacy.

The pharmacist, apparently in agreement, assured me that the receit could be mailed to my husband. Wow, what a relief.

I get the intent of HIPPA... but given this experience, I'm wondering if 5000 pages of government gobblygock, to be interpreted by people severely lacking in common sense will solve anything for our health care system.

Just a thought...

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  1. I think I would have climbed over the counter and violated their HIPPA!!!!....I think Bill O'Reilly would consider that as a prime example of "pinhead" behaviour...

  2. I think I would have climbed over the counter too and grabbed a shirt collar....

    In my small town "people" know and have been trained on HIPPA but can't seem to practice it. :)

  3. Whoa! You lost me at that staggering total amount. A total like that would probably cause me to hyperventilate, so denying me a receipt would have been bad - very, very bad! :-)

  4. Kevin :) I almost did!

    JW Small towns are the best... doubt that they will ever be able to regulate people's "sharing" :)

    Shannon Tell me about it! And we only got Half the prescription filled!!!! Thankfully, we have a change in our insurance, and I believe this will be all the co-pay we will have to make this year. When I look back on last year, and my husband's unexpected illness, I see clearly that only God could have brought us through (our co-pays last year totaled close to $8000, and of course, he could not work) God is very faithful...

  5. Hi Sally - Bills like that are why we DESPERATELY need healthcare reform. As for the HIPPA issue - they mean well in trying to protect privacy, but protecting it from family members is going overboard and misses the intent completely. I too thank God for bringing my loved ones through multiple medical storms.

  6. HI Sally,
    Wow, I am still blown away when people tell me they ordered my book. Thank you so much. And yes, please do email me.
    Gosh, you work as a hospice nurse- what an angel you must be. The hospice folks were angels to us during these last few weeks with mom.

  7. I know they meant well and were only doing what they were told to do... still just left me speechless :)

    Will do Karen.... thanks...