Friday, December 11, 2009

A Year

It's my anniversary! One year of blogging!

I am filled with gratitude... for all that we have been through this year, for all that God has brought us through... I am grateful for all the blessings - all the people who carried us- through this last year...

Our hospice pastor often prays that we might be God's hands.... I surely understand that sentiment in ways that I never could have before. We have been the recipient of those hands- we have been richly blessed.

Blogging has brought clarity and focus to this year- and for that, I am also grateful... I wasn't so sure about the idea when I was nudged toward it a year ago. I am grateful for that nudging-for the focus and sanity it brought. Grateful for my faithful "followers".

As we head toward 2010- and hopefully smooth sailing..... I look forward to participating more in the blogging community. There are fascinating people sharing snippets of their lives....

Tamika, at The Write Worship blog, suggests that we spend "12 days of community" -visiting and commenting on other blogs. It seems a perfect suggestion for such a blustery weekend.

I remember clearly that a year ago, I was looking for some fun. Now, I believe, I am seeking joy. Quite a bit of difference in those 3 letter words.

I am looking forward to blogging along the way. Here's to finding joy in 2010. Thanks for joining me.

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  1. Happy Blogiversary! What a wonderful time to celebrate. Wishing you much happiness and good writing days as you venture into the New Year.

  2. Thanks Vivian! Enjoying your blog...