Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random thoughts

We put our tree lights on a "clapper" Anyone looking in my window this morning would have thought that a witch lives here... I dance around the tree three times, clapping my hands, and suddenly- lights

The tree has fallen 3 times this year- twice before any decorations, once after. My kids heard me come in singing last night... "it's the most wonderful time of the year" then Oh My Goodness... and then, a pathetic clapping.... at least it had lights while lying on the ground..
The tree is now firmly tied to the wall

Dogs barking turn the tree off and on..

I love to get up early in the morning, light the tree and sit quietly in the darkened room, sipping tea, staring at the lights. I have to get up pretty early to do this- but it is worth it. It is a very peaceful way to start the day

These holidays require peaceful beginnings. It is very easy to lose your perspective in the midst of all the holiday "cheer"

It seemed that all the hospice families I visited yesterday were managing to balance their pain and illness with joy and rememberance. A wife was baking cookies. Soft Christmas music played in the backround. There was some type of decoration in each home- even if it was just a small tree. People seem to find a way to remember, to celebrate, to honor... even in the midst of illness and grief

Here's hoping that your season is peaceful and bright

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  1. Am I in your right blog now? Hope so! Maybe you can just take the follower widget off your other blog and put big announcement post at the top that says something like "Moved, Here's the link to my new blog." Just a thought!

  2. Yeah! yes- thank you! I will try that...