Saturday, November 28, 2009

What time do you dream?

That is when my dreams start. And that is the time that I normally get up to face the day. No wonder my life often feels out of synch.

I woke this morning at my usual time- and made a deliberate decision. I am not getting out of this bed until I am ready. What bliss. Why don't I do that more often?

I had the best dreams- vivid and in color. I don't know why the baby turned into a puppy and floated down the stream, but I do know that when it freed itself just before the rapids, it was the cuddliest creature that ever was.

I wonder what we miss when we are conforming ourselves to the expectations of this world- out of step with our bodies natural flow? I know that if I had the opportunity to live with my own clock, I would be up half the night reading and writing- and sleeping until the sun was midway cross the sky.

And I wonder- at this midpoint of my life- if there are opportunities to live differently - to choose differently. I believe I will try.....

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