Saturday, December 27, 2008


We faced a dilema on Christmas eve. We have a tradition in this house - that the boys get to open one gift on Christmas eve. The problem was, opening one gift this year would wipe us out. The pile under the tree was alarmingly small.

We bantered back and forth for awhile- with me holding out for Christmas morning-and finally caving in. We opened our gifts on Christmas eve....

The funny thing is- and we all agree- this is without a doubt, the best Christmas we have ever had. We stayed up until well past midnight that night. Laughing, talking, watching A Christmas Story (for the hundreth time)

I received a beautiful shelf that my 18 y/o had made for me. My 14 y/o gave me a book that makes me cry. What more could a mom ever ask for.

There were other gifts this year- running into an old friend at church on Christmas eve. The news that my nephew had become engaged. Neighbors stopping in.

I've always yearned for a simpler Christmas. This year the economy forced it on us. It was everything I always hoped it would be. I wonder what other gifts this new year will bring?

I imagine it is this very thing that makes me love my job so much. The folks that I see have not chosen their circumstances either. They have not chosen to have so much stripped away from them. But in their circumstances, I often find a quiet contentment. Their circle has become smaller. They only want those they love the most. They are appreciative of the little things. And when you can sit- when you can listen- when you hear the stories of their lives; you find that the things they remember, really, are simple things.

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