Saturday, July 16, 2011

slow it down hold it cherish it

The boys are growing up just fine
and more and more my time is mine
although i want to slow it down
there is an impulse to do the town

i wonder who i used to be
before these boys created me
i was a person then it's true
when all the world seemed bright and new

and who will i be when mom is over
and they are wandering far from Dover
who will appear when it.s just I
someone who wants to touch the sky

sorry... just a little urge to babble there.... Had a lovely walk this morning w my 16 y/o son. we were in the country by 6 am and walked, with the 2 lovely golden retrievers, 4.5 miles.
We walked up the hill and down the dale. we strolled past the house where we lived until he was ten. we talked and we reminisced, and i would imagine that there is not another lucker mom in the world. I have a lovely son who wants to walk with me, who carries on a conversation, who is light, easy and in whom laughter bubbles up easily. i have an older son who has found his way in this world, is stepping up, taking on more responsibility, planning to get his self back into school at Kent, while maintaining his full time job and who sat on the porch swing with me unitl the lights when down and chatted away.

the years have gone so fast. sometimes i want to stop them, to hold them, to treasure them, to scream that i have not gotten the chance to experience every wonderful minute of every day.

i don't want to go through life asleep at the wheel. to often i have let that happen.

i atteneded a baby shower this afternoon and I wanted to cry out, to stop time for her, to tell her to hold onto and cherish every blessed wonderul minute there is, becasue it all goes to fast.

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