Tuesday, January 25, 2011

break free

There is pamphlet hanging on our church bulletin board. A sister church is going on a mission trip to Africa. They are looking for volunteers.
It suddenly occured to me that this is within the realm of possibility- not this year I imagine, but within a couple years.
My youngest will graduate from high school
There will be some time before the grandparenting years begin
A window of opportunity?
A chance to change the way I walk in this world.
I've played it pretty safe up until now
Can I break free and make some changes?
Seems like there is a whole lot of world to see before I leave it....
Maybe it's a midlife crisis, maybe it's all the things we have been through in the past couple years... but the world is starting to feel new and unexplored.... I feel like breaking free and kicking up my heels...

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  1. There is a wonderful article you should look up on Pubmed called "What Africa has to teach us about Hospice" going to underserved countries is humbling. One should go with the idea that they have more to teach us than what we bring. And that the cultural exchange is more important than what we bring. Hospice in Africa is growing you might look outside your church and look for a medical mission going. Many hospices are partnering with Hospices in Africa. Look up a branch of NHPCO called FSSHA and see how much is going on. You sound like an amazing hospice provider and might like the idea of working with the dying in Africa.

  2. thanks! Haven't been back to blogland in a while and just found your comment... I will definitely look for that article